For Organisations

Planning to send someone abroad?

If you want to provide more than logistical and organisational support, we help you preparing and looking after your (future) Expatriates by:

  • Customized seminars
  • Family sessions
  • Individual coaching

… for the time BEFORE, DURING and AFTER their stay abroad.

Topics of interest BEFORE they relocate:

  • Assessing the fit
  • Helping decide to leave or to stay
  • Preparing partner and kids
  • Preparing for the new job
  • Getting ready for a life far from home
  • Supporting to research the host country, housing, schools, etc.
  • A first impression – meeting someone local
  • Practical considerations, e.g. what to pack and bring

Topics of interest DURING their stay:

  • Arriving at the new place
  • Surviving (and enjoying) the first weeks
  • The new home
  • Cultural specifics
  • The (new) family life
  • Wellbeing and health
  • The work-life-balance dance
  • About the new job
  • Leadership within the different culture
  • Career of the accompanying partner
  • Challenges, stumbling blocks, crisis
  • Early termination
  • Preparing the repatriation

Topics of interest AFTER their stay:

  • Returning and fitting back in
  • Keeping in touch
  • Using the experience for the career and the company


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