For Individuals

You plan to relocate? Your company offers you an assignment overseas?

We customize sessions for you and your family to be perfectly prepared and looked after.

Choose from

  • WHAT
    Workshop or coaching for you, your spouse, your whole family.
    Personal session, virtual event, phone.
  • WHEN
    Before you leave/ after you left/ when you return/ whenever you wish.

Your session(s) may include


  • Should I stay or should I go
  • What to expect far from home
  • Preparing your partner and the kids
  • What do I leave behind
  • How to research the host country, housing, schools, etc.
  • A first impression – meeting someone local
  • Preparing for the new job
  • What to pack and bring


  • Flying to and landing at your new place
  • Surviving (and enjoying) the first weeks
  • Your new home
  • Cultural specifics
  • Your (new) family life
  • Wellbeing and health
  • Any leasure time left?
  • Your work-life-balance dance
  • That new job
  • Leadership within a different culture
  • Career of the accompanying partner
  • Challenges, stumbling blocks, crisis
  • Should I stay or should I go
  • Preparing your return

  • Coming ‘back’ – easy or not
  • Fitting back in
  • Keeping in touch
  • Using the experience for your career

How we approach this

First of all, we find out what you want and need. Secondly, we use most recent information. Thirdly, we add our network’s own knowledge and experience because we are living at your destination or we returned in the meanwhile. Finally, we are skilled and experienced experts in the field of listening to, training, coaching and assessing people.

During our sessions we share experience, provide knowledge, explain further, we think, draw, ask, answer questions, read, do role plays, watch movies, solve case studies, speak with locals, do tests, laugh, wonder, take a break, have a coffee or tea, …, and do anything to help you as best as we can.